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Create your perfect parenting plan in just three easy steps! Using our online Parenting Plan Creator you can quickly and easily make a plan that takes into account all of the things that make your family unique:

1: Select the options to include in your Parenting Plan. Choose from our extensive list of suggested parenting plan sample text sections.
2: Create the Parenting Plan and revise it online to fit your specific needs. You can save multiple versions of your parenting plan.
3: Submit the plan to your attorney or the court for filing. Our Parenting Plans are accepted in all US and Canadian courts!
Use the optional Guest Account features to allow your spouse or attorney to review and/or comment on your parenting plan online. Guest permissions can be individually set to 'view only' access or 'view and edit' mode. Guests see only the parenting plans you make visible- drafts and alternate versions can be hidden so guests can't see them.

NEW ADDITION! Standardized US Family Court Parenting Plan
This new parenting plan is being adopted by many States as a standardized parenting plan form. As of October 2008 some states (e.g. Florida) will accept only this format for submitting a parenting plan to the court.

Pick the items you want to be included in your plan from our comprehensive list of plan options, including:

  • Primary and/or Joint Custody & Residence
  • Holiday Schedule(s)
  • Health and Medical Care
  • Emergency Treatment & Care
  • Pick up and Return Arrangements
  • Right Of First Refusal
  • Move-Away Restrictions
  • Telephone, Mail, and Email Contact
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Transfer of Clothing, Toys & Accessories
  • Expenses - normal and extraordinary
  • Travel Arrangements and Conditions
  • Tax Deductions and HOH Designation
  • Current Address Notification
  • Daycare Arrangements and Information
  • Additional Home Resident(s) Clause
  • Employer Contact Agreement/Restrictions
  • Educational Arrangement & Schooling
  • Religious Education
  • Visitation/Parenting Time Denial
  • Grandparents and Extended Family
  • Child Discipline & Guidance
  • Conflict Clauses
  • Post-Secondary Support & Planning
  • Decision Making Rights & Responsibilities
  • Medication & Controlled Substances
  • Release of Records & Information
  • Vacation Agreement / Restrictions
  • Child Counseling and/or Therapy
  • . . . and much, much more!
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