1. Can I select from different parenting plans?
    Yes. You can select from a number of different parenting plans, each of which is written to address a variety of situations (long distance, restricted visitation, military service, etc).

  2. Can I combine parts of different parenting plans?
    Yes. You can take sections from any of the plans and add them into your "master" or final version. This way you have a range of options available to you for the kind of parenting plan suits your needs the best.

  3. Can I add my own special sections or text?
    Yes. You can add your own text into the plan or edit it to contain whatever you want.

  4. How do I save different versions of a parenting plan?
    Change the parenting plan's name to save it as a new document. You may save up to 20 different versions of your parenting plans.

  5. What Guest options are available?
    You may designate multiple guests, each with their own permissions. For example, you may allow your attorney to view and edit your proposed plan(s), while allowing the other parent to only view the proposed plan(s). Permissions may be changed or revoked by you at any time as often as you want.

  6. Can I restrict or control viewing of the plans?
    Yes. Your Guests can only see the plans you have set to be "visible". All other saved plans (such as draft copies or works in progress) will be hidden from them. They will not be able to view or edit the hidden plans.

  7. I want to collaborate on a parenting plan with my spouse or attorney. Can I do that?
    Yes. You may allow your Guests edit and revise any of the plans you make available to them (the "visible" plans). You can do this by saving an extra copy of the plan just for them and then hiding the original (so the original plan can't be changed).

  8. Can I print or email the plans to my attorney, spouse, or other parties?
    Yes. You can do this by viewing the saved plan and using the Send and Print options in the preview window.

  9. What kinds of plans can I choose from?
    Our online system includes all of the following pre-made "starter" plans, which you can optionally combine and edit as needed:

    • NEW! Standardized US Family Court Parenting Plan
      This new parenting plan is being adopted by many States as a standardized parenting plan form. This is a well-balanced plan with an emphasis on children's rights and cooperative parenting. Includes several standardized parenting schedules. Note that some States (e.g. Florida) will accept only this format for submitting a parenting plan to the court.

    • Comprehensive Parenting Plan
      A Parenting Plan that addresses a wide range of specific items in detail. Considerably more extensive than the Standard Parenting Plan, the Comprehensive Plan covers nearly every foreseeable circumstance.

    • Shared Parenting Plan
      The Shared Plan is written to accomodate most shared- or joint-custody arrangements with an emphasis on co-parenting.

    • Standard Parenting Plan
      A good Plan to start with if you would like to add most of the provisions yourself. Covers the most common custody situations without excessive detail.

    • Military Service Parenting Plan
      The Military Parenting Plan was created to address the needs of all Armed Forces service personel at home or abroad. Provisions for TDY are included and the Plan is intended to be flexible with regards to timing and duration of the parenting time.

    • Interstate / Long-Distance Parenting Plan
      The Long-Distance Parenting Plan is for use where one parent lives a significant distance from the child or children. Specific provision for air travel are included, as well as more detailed provisions for telephone and mail/email contact.

    • Supervised 4-Phase Visitation Plan
      This plan is intended to be used to gradually modify parenting time, starting with a highly restricted schedule and moving in methodical steps to full, unsupervised parenting time without any special restrictions. Each section or "phase" is easily modifiable.

    • Comprehensive Parenting Plan (Joint Legal/Sole Physical Custody)
      A version of the Comprehensive Plan (above) optimized for situations where "Joint Legal and Sole Physical" custody is appropriate. Based on an every-other-weekend schedule, it covers nearly every foreseeable cicumstance.

    • Standard Parenting Plan (Joint Legal/Sole Physical Custody)
      A version of the Standard Parenting Plan (above) optimized for situations where "Joint Legal and Sole Physical" custody is appropriate. Based on an every-other-weekend schedule, Covers the most common custody situations without excessive detail.

  10. I'd rather edit the plans at home on my PC, can I do that?
    Yes. Our online editor is full-featured and very easy use, however you can copy and paste the plans into your own word processor if you prefer. We recommend using the online editor as it allows you to keep and track multiple versions. We also back up the data regularly so even if your PC crashes or is stolen you won't lose a single word.

  11. What if my State requires a specific form?
    You can copy and paste the information in your parenting plan into your State's specific format. Some States make a blank electronic version of their required form(s) available. You can usually locate these at your State's web site or through your attorney. You may also obtain blank electronic versions for every state here: Divorce Forms For All States.
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