Managing Guests
  1. To create Guest account, click the Manage Guest Accounts button or link. The first time you go to the Manage Guests screen it will be empty, since you haven't created any Guest accounts yet.

    Guest Account Screen

    To create a Guest account, fill in the information in the Guest Account form and click the Create button:

    Create Guest Account Form

    The Permissions selection is how you determine what each Guest can do.

      With "View Only" permissions a Guest can only view the parentng plans you made visible from the Saved Plans screen.

    1. With "View & Edit" permissions the Guest can view visible plans and edit or revise them. When giving a Guest permission to edit a parentng plan it's a good idea to make another copy of it so you can compare it with the edited version. Note that all Guests see the plans you've made visible from the Saved Plans screen, whether or not they have editing privileges.

    To temporarily disable a Guest account, change the password to something different. Change it back to enable it again. If you no longer need a Guest account you may delete it from the Manage Guest Accounts screen.

    Note: Guests cannot create plans, edit Guest accounts, or change the visibility of your saved parenting plans regardless of their permission setting.

    Note: To change your password or email address, click the "(Owner)" link next to your name in the Login box.

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